Ashley Crumley Ceramics

Process Overview

Though some of my pieces are completely hand-built from slabs, most begin on the potter’s wheel. All are formed and first delicately detailed with any necessary physical texture before being meticulously layered and hand painted with a wide arrange of processes, treating the clay surface like a hybrid conjunction of a canvas print and collage. I use a variety of surface decoration techniques, including airbrushing, hand painting, stenciling, stamping, slip-trailing and whatever else is necessary to achieve the end visual result I am looking for on my forms. All of my work is oxidation fired in an electric kiln with a mix of commercial underglazes and engobes which I make by hand using my clay body as a base. My influences range from the historical beginnings, development and influences of lace throughout cultures and centuries as well as the same for porcelain doll making and an interest in horticulture and the multiple uses of different flowering plants throughout history. Each of my series has its own visual sub theme within my work and while I tend to work in series, each piece is one-of-a-kind.



Each piece is either wheel thrown, handbuilt, slip cast or a combination of these techniques. 



After finishing the form, I apply the underglazes. Most pieces have between six and twelve layers of underglaze work to achieve the final imagery. After underglaze work is complete, the pieces go in for their first firing.



After the bisque firing, each piece gets three coats of glaze before going in for the final firing.