Care Instructions

Your new piece is both elegant & intended for your use and enjoyment! Please follow the care instructions provided for your unique piece. Handmade pottery needs and deserves a little more love to prolong its life than contemporary manufactured ware: Because of the abrasive nature of dishwashing detergents, which could eventually dull the surface over time, hand washing is recommended.

Your piece is microwave safe, but NOT oven safe. When microwaving please take note that your piece (especially handles) might be a bit hotter than some other pieces that you are used to using in the microwave. Because of this, I recommend to please use a folded over paper towel, dish towel, or oven mit to protect your hand until you can determine just how hot your piece might get depending on the piece, your microwave and microwaving times.

Please keep in mind that while my pottery is quite durable, it is still made from clay and can be damaged if dropped or knocked about. Often, flaws created during impact will not be detectable immediately. Impact flaws can develop into a crack or break with use over time. 

I cannot replace ware damaged from use.